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And the Academy Award for Biggest Douchebag goes to…

Whether this was scripted or off the cuff, the utter contempt on display for visual effects artists was in very poor taste.

(Update: The Vimeo link stopped working, so I substituted it with this lower quality link. Still gives you the gist)


It was seven years ago that our little visual effects team for The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers won the Emmy for Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special. As a special bonus, the award was presented to us by Battlestar Galactica stars James Callis and Trisha Helfer!

What a great film and what a great team!

  • Joe Pavlo, VFX Supervisor
  • Barrie Hemsley, VFX Producer
  • Paul Tuersley, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
  • Andy McLeod, Lead Visual Effects Animator
  • Andrew Fowler, Visual Effects Producer
  • Camille Cellucci, Visual Effects Producer
  • Mark Intravartola, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
  • Robin Huffer, Lead CGI Artist
  • Neil Culley, Lead Visual Effects Compositor

A spot I finished in May of this year for the Disney Channel to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris is up online for all to see!

It was a small, but perfectly formed team on this job. The spot was conceived and directed by Matthew White of SuperGrizzly and edited by Genevieve Webb. I supervised the visual effects for the shoot, designed the motion graphics, particle effects and composited the whole thing – with some welcome assistance on the tracking, roto and keying from my good friend and longtime collaborator Duncan Kinnaird.

It was a lot of work with a dizzying number of concepts developed, tossed out and reworked before we got to the final look, but I think it’s come out pretty good in the end and I’m pleased with it. Disney were happy with it too. Indeed, so happy that they’ve got me working on a new one for them with the same team. I’ll post that one too when it goes live.


I really love making music videos!

I’ve just finished shooting and editing a music video for my very talented friend Andy Ross. I shot it on my Canon EOS 550D with Andy in a day out and about around Finchley and Hampstead (my famous “one man crew” strikes again!). This is my first project using Apple’s latest editing software, Final Cut Pro X. The edit, effects, grade and finish was all done in FCP X with the exception of a bit of extra tricky stabilisation work which I took to After Effects CS6. The stabilisation in FCPX is not too shabby, but it wasn’t up to the job on all the shots.

I have to say, I’m really impressed with Final Cut Pro X. It took some getting used to and I had a couple of false starts but now that I’m up to speed, I really like the new methodology FCPX brings to editing. After doing this video, I went back to an ongoing project I have set up in the previous version of Final Cut and I was really missing a lot of stuff from FCPX.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with the way this video has come out. Andy is also happy which is what’s most important! If you like his stuff, go check out his website at

I’ve just updated my showreel

This years showreel includes some of my work from the following:

The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers
Solomon Kane
X-men: First Class
Band Of Brothers
Batman Begins
Star Wars: Episode II – Attack Of The Clones
My House In Umbria
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
The Mutant Chronicles
Corpse Bride
Clash Of The Titans
Tsunami: The Aftermath
Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time
Little Dorrit

It’s nice when your favourite things converge on each other.

Here’s why Andrew Stanton dedicated ‘John Carter’ to Steve Jobs

Director Andrew Stanton:

It was kind of eerie because on the set I would get asked all the time, from all these people, ‘What Pixar was like?’ ?… And it would be such a long explanation to them about, trying to tell them why it ran differently and why the movie came out the way they did, that I ended up just simplifying my answer down to ‘Steve. Steve’s why.’


Back in April 2005, David Schendel and I decided to make a short film out of a script for a one act play by writer and  friend, Howard Meehan called “Inside David Mamet’s Computer”. We shot it in studios and on location around San Francisco over three days with the help of a lot of talented and generous people.

The film is about two characters trapped in an unfinished screenplay by David Mamet. The two people in the story – Girl and Guy – are played by Florentina Mocanu and Chris Meehan.

In retrospect, preproduction and production were a relative breeze and there was much celebrating when we wrapped but it would be another four years before the film would be finished!

Independent films can often take longer than you anticipated, anybody else ever notice that? What with working to pay the bills and family and life and stuff getting in the way while at the same time begging favours from friends and colleagues with their own bills and family and life and stuff getting in the way, the post production process tends to drag out a bit.

Still, we got there in the end – even premiered it at the London Raindance Film Festival 2009 – So here it is, in all it’s glory for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the film!

(Boring Obligatory Warning: NSFW language – Shit!)

Inside David Mamet’s Computer on IMDB

This is just great!

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Expecto Patronum! After a streak of eight vfx nominations in a row, the Harry Potter visual effects team finally turn that nomination in to a win on the final film of the series. Justice is done. Than you, Academy members!

Otherwise, it was a phenomenal night for The Artist – and deservedly so. OK, maybe a teensy bit too much so – but what a great film! Tinker Tailor did well too and although i agree that the film was stylish and well crafted, it still left me a bit cold. Good on them anyways.

My disappointments for the night was that no bling was flung at Midnight in Paris, my Week With Marylin or We Need To Talk About Kevin. Tyrannosaur, of course, got the outstanding debut award, but should have been nominated for more.

But… mustn’t grumble! All in all a great night for BAFTA and film in general. Stephen Fry was in his element as host and the show was filled with genuinely entertaining, moving and hilarious moments!

Bring on the Oscars!

Full list of the winners for the 2012 BAFTA’s here.

Having wrapped up the stereo conversion on John Carter at Cinesite last Friday, I have now moved to MPC – aka The Moving Picture Company to get stuck in with a zombie or two on World War Z.

A zombie movie starring Brad Pitt? Did I wake up in some sort of upside down bizarro universe? When did A list actors start making zombie movies? Brave New World… Should be heaps of fun!