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Last week I talked about how the biggest Visual Effects Facilities were missing a trick by not recognising the clout they could wield with the studios by forming alliances or some sort of a trade association.

I happen to have worked with a few of the top people at some of the biggest facilities, so I thought I’d forward them the link to my article to hear their thoughts.

It wasn’t that encouraging. They didn’t seem to think it was possible or necessary. At least that was my impression. Maybe they were just playing their cards close to their chests, but I got the feeling that not a lot has changed in their perception of what’s developing in the Visual Effects world. However, let me tell you… things are moving fast, people’s perception and involvement are changing and all parties need to be proactive to stay in the game.

So let me throw this out there to the top people at the top facilities:

What if you woke up tomorrow and found the majority of vfx artists were unionised? What plan do you have for dealing with this very real possibility?

There’s a sobering thought. It might not happen overnight, but The landscape can change surprisingly fast once these things gain momentum. Maybe the facilities need to plan for this?

I personally see the facilities and the artists as allies in this but if the facilities remain on their current course and artists go ahead and unionise, they might find themselves at odds with each other. This would be a bad thing. The lack of a Visual Effects trade association amongst the major facilities would definitely put them at a disadvantage.

Worth considering?

In the meantime, here’s a letter that’s started floating around Facebook, allegedly written by Scott Ross, but I can’t confirm the source. Anyway, I agree with it whoever wrote it.


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