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Monthly Archives: July 2012

A spot I finished in May of this year for the Disney Channel to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris is up online for all to see!

It was a small, but perfectly formed team on this job. The spot was conceived and directed by Matthew White of SuperGrizzly and edited by Genevieve Webb. I supervised the visual effects for the shoot, designed the motion graphics, particle effects and composited the whole thing – with some welcome assistance on the tracking, roto and keying from my good friend and longtime collaborator Duncan Kinnaird.

It was a lot of work with a dizzying number of concepts developed, tossed out and reworked before we got to the final look, but I think it’s come out pretty good in the end and I’m pleased with it. Disney were happy with it too. Indeed, so happy that they’ve got me working on a new one for them with the same team. I’ll post that one too when it goes live.