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I really love making music videos!

I’ve just finished shooting and editing a music video for my very talented friend Andy Ross. I shot it on my Canon EOS 550D with Andy in a day out and about around Finchley and Hampstead (my famous “one man crew” strikes again!). This is my first project using Apple’s latest editing software, Final Cut Pro X. The edit, effects, grade and finish was all done in FCP X with the exception of a bit of extra tricky stabilisation work which I took to After Effects CS6. The stabilisation in FCPX is not too shabby, but it wasn’t up to the job on all the shots.

I have to say, I’m really impressed with Final Cut Pro X. It took some getting used to and I had a couple of false starts but now that I’m up to speed, I really like the new methodology FCPX brings to editing. After doing this video, I went back to an ongoing project I have set up in the previous version of Final Cut and I was really missing a lot of stuff from FCPX.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with the way this video has come out. Andy is also happy which is what’s most important! If you like his stuff, go check out his website at



  1. Hey dude! Nice stuff! Nice to hear you’re warming up to FCP X, it’s a *superb* NLE once you actually figure out the differences! (as you’ve obviously have) Really like the song, too. Kudos to you! Any questions about FCP, lemme know… 🙂

    Did you use the kit lens? I take it the shot around 2:25 got some *serious* stabilization? 🙂 Or is that an intentional effect? (actually looks kinda cool 😀 A little like that stabilization effect that Fincher used in Fight Club)

  2. Cheers Robin! I did use the 18-55mm kit lens for a few of the wide shots, but also I used a 50mm and a 55-250mm zoom. The shot around 2:25 is all about the effects. The original footage is rock solid, pin sharp and flare free.

    • Shoulda known… 🙂

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