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Back in April 2005, David Schendel and I decided to make a short film out of a script for a one act play by writer and  friend, Howard Meehan called “Inside David Mamet’s Computer”. We shot it in studios and on location around San Francisco over three days with the help of a lot of talented and generous people.

The film is about two characters trapped in an unfinished screenplay by David Mamet. The two people in the story – Girl and Guy – are played by Florentina Mocanu and Chris Meehan.

In retrospect, preproduction and production were a relative breeze and there was much celebrating when we wrapped but it would be another four years before the film would be finished!

Independent films can often take longer than you anticipated, anybody else ever notice that? What with working to pay the bills and family and life and stuff getting in the way while at the same time begging favours from friends and colleagues with their own bills and family and life and stuff getting in the way, the post production process tends to drag out a bit.

Still, we got there in the end – even premiered it at the London Raindance Film Festival 2009 – So here it is, in all it’s glory for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the film!

(Boring Obligatory Warning: NSFW language – Shit!)

Inside David Mamet’s Computer on IMDB


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